We feel good here

It was somewhere in the kitchen that we discovered this magical place. We had met the previous owners during a film recording, for which we were responsible for the catering, and were asked to run the restaurant at the fortress for a summer.

We come from the restaurant industry. Together, we have run both a restaurant in southern Stockholm with a focus on organic food and drink, as well as a catering business with a focus on film and commercial film recordings.

And there, in the Summer 2016, between the griddle and the cabinet full of pots, we fell in love with Fårösund Fortress. The following year, the owners wanted to sell, and all of a sudden we had taken over the entire business.


Together, we want to create something special, a place where people can drop their guard and relax.
— Anders & Teza

We feel good here. And we think that is evident. Now, we want as many people as possible to feel the same love and peace we experience every day. We have decorated and furnished the fortress with Gotland's designs; plain and natural but at the same time warm and inviting. Luxury just to help you relax. You get to avoid all the white tablecloths and should feel welcome in our home.

Time almost doesn't exist here. Along the inlet, where soldiers froze during wartime, where guns were fired. The story is with us and does its part to build the harmony that lets Anders and I sleep like babies at night. Living and being here is an experience, but it is also a way to stop time for a little while and dare to do nothing.