Stop the clock! As a guest at the hotel, it is easy to just stay home for a day. To sunbathe, drink coffee, read a book on the terrace. To play a game of chess, billiards, or the ancient Viking game of casting "varpa", or to swim in the indoor pool. Or to watch something in the "movie vault”.


The fortress has two single rooms, thirteen double rooms (with the possibility of family rooms), and a suite. Overall, there are thirty beds. The rooms are available in two different styles: some are renovated vault rooms with windows facing common indoor areas. Others are "regular" rooms in the newly-built part of the fortress, with windows in two directions and a view of our lovely courtyard. In addition, there are common outdoor areas, a terrace, dining area, conference room and several furnished cubbyholes.

 The fortress is furnished with furniture from Gotland's G.A.D. and decorated with textiles and skincare products from Gotland's Idyllien. You can find their stores in Visby. G.A.D. also has an outlet store in Västergarn, south of Visby.